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Self-Empowerment to Reach Your Divine Potential

When’s the last time you got your hair wet? Not while in the shower or at a beauty salon. I’m not even talking about the last time you went swimming. What I’m referring to is a metaphor for life.


A metaphor for all those things we don’t do because it’s just one of those things Black Woman don’t do.  Like getting help for depression.  Because of the self-imposed limitations, I put on myself as a Black Woman, I had to learn some life lessons the hard way and more importantly delayed my potential.


That’s why I wrote this book. Whether you struggle with your self-image, faith, finances, branding or relationships (and who hasn’t struggled with those at some point?!), I’m hoping that this book will show you where you may have been “scared to get your hair wet” in the sense of stepping out, diving in and reaching your divine potential.  It is a self-discovery guide to unlearn old habits, break down barriers and acknowledge the powerful influence you have on others for today’s black women.


So, take out a weekend. Read through a couple of chapters. Look within and challenge yourself with the journal that I’ve enclosed and let’s all GET OUR HAIR WET—for our sake, our daughters and also to help other sistahs do the same!

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