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The Life ChangeHer group coaching program is an exclusive transformative journey for women seeking personal growth, empowerment, and positive life changes. Led by a certified life coach, this program offers a supportive community and interactive sessions to help participants achieve their goals. It focuses on self-discovery, cultivating confidence and resilience, and developing practical skills for life's challenges. Through group discussions, reflective exercises, and peer sharing, participants gain collective insights and support. The program includes goal-setting, action planning, and accountability check-ins. Topics covered include embracing change, building healthy habits, enhancing relationships, and achieving personal and professional goals. Participants have access to tailored coaching tools and resources. Join to experience personal transformation, connect with a supportive community, and gain the confidence and skills to create the desired life.

Duration and Frequency

  • Bi-Monthly, Tuesdays for 3 Impactful Months

  • 2 - One-on-One Coaching Sessions [TBD]Format: Live Recorded Virtual Zoom Sessions

Group Size : 8-10

Program Objectives

  • Identifying individual goals and aspirations

  • Building self-awareness and self-discovery

  • Enhancing personal growth and empowerment

  • Developing practical strategies for life changes

  • Fostering accountability and support within the group

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Life ChangeHer Cohort - F23                                            

September 12, 26 | October 10, 24 | November 14, 28

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